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Consultation Center LARU

Since September 2022 we have been implementing the LARU information and consultation center project. In this project, we see ourselves as guides through the administrative, bureaucratic and cultural jungle of Berlin for people who have left Ukraine. LARU is a bridge between refugees from Ukraine and German society.

The core of our project is the site – an information portal where we collect important and necessary information about life in Berlin. On our website, anyone can get step-by-step instructions for the first necessary actions when arrived in Berlin.

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As part of the project, we also offer the following services:

  • Online consultations on such issues as registration and stay in Berlin, advice and recommendations on job search, information about medical services, public transport, help for children and students, sports, cultural life, and much more.

  • Assistance with filling out the documents such as needed for the Job Center, WBS, child allowance, medical insurance, as well as with preparing response letters to questions from various authorities.

  • Conducting classes and trainings for children and adults for their psychosocial adaptation and integration.

  • Organization of accompaniment in the instances of Berlin (in individual cases).

Our project team are the people from Berlin, as well as Ukrainians who came to Berlin because of the war in Ukraine and found the strength and energy to support other people who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Request for a consultation

All services are provided free of charge, in Ukrainian and/or Russian. Send your request and we will do our best to support you with your question!

Choose what you need:

IMPORTANT: Due to the growing number of diseases, we want to protect you and ourselves. Before coming to the consultation, you need to take a test for COVID-19, it is free and the point is located right in our building.

  • Consultation Center LARU Juliusstraße 19, 12051 Berlin
+49 152 082 774 08 +38 098 848 43 69